The Subterranean Fortress

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This 3 level home rests above a  secret 4-story Underground Subterranean Fortress which is built and designed to handle virtually any disaster manmade or natural.

This house was featured on the History Channel in their documentary, Passageways of the Cold War.  It was great and is a much see!  You can check the schedule on the History Channel's website, they rerun it from time to time.  


Above the Ground, visible from the street:  It looks like any ordinary house.  There is a large yard with lots of trees, rock wall a garden and other interesting features.  The backyard is completely fenced in for security and privacy.  It is great if you have pets.  There is a big kitchen designed well for cooking and enjoying meals. 

The ceilings are vaulted with skylights that bring natural light into the house.  There is a living room, dining room, family room, 3 bathrooms (2 full), 3 bedrooms and a garage that holds 2 cars.  Above ground there is approximately 2,000 square feet.  It is a beautiful house even without the hidden secret!

It looks normal from above ground.

The real action begins underground: There are 4 stories that are amazing and hard to believe.  Underground the Subterranean Fortress adds nearly 1,400 square feet of additional room.  These are divided into rooms, secret areas and passageways. 

If you add this space to the space above ground (2,000 + 1,400) you have a total of almost 3,400 square feet!   Even Glenn Beck, the conservative radio host would be proud to live here!  (Note: The Subterranean Fortress is not endorsed by Glenn Beck, he probably does not even know it exists!)

A large 40 foot room with a roomy 9 foot high ceiling and  3 foot thick concrete and steel reinforced walls, ceilings and floors.

For entry there is a 3-ton door that opens with electronic control - and then you are inside...

There is a generator room, complete battery power system, and some extra deep rooms that are four stories below the surface.  The secret passageways, uniquely designed doors, sliding shelves (for space conservation), etc. are all engineered and built to last forever.

There are layers of epoxy paint on all surfaces to keep everything fresh,  and there is good maintenance-free drainage and sump pump system that keeps the shelter clean and dry.


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The Subterranean Fortress Versus a Silo Home

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The home is near the Canadian border, close to the Pacific Ocean, and there is fantastic skiing and hiking and close to the San Juan Islands.  There is good access to I-5 which is a well maintained large highway.  About halfway between Vancouver, B.C. and Seattle, Washington.  It is a great place to be, though it does snow a lot in the winter.